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  • The New Assault Rules

    Posted on August 11th, 2003 Rob No comments

    Yet again GamesWorkshop has changed the rules on us, but you dont have to buy a new rulebook for these!

    In my opinion I like the rules, they clarify a lot of the "ify" rules, and they make things much easier. One of my favorites would be the "When a unit shoots in the shooting phase, if they choose to assault they have to assault the unit upon whom they fired at"

    I like that rule because in my previous battle experience, a unit would shoot of of my units of  hormagaunts up, weaken it pretty good, then move on to assault my termagunts, who arent as great at fighting as the hormagaunts. So now I have a weakened unit of hormagaunts and termagaunts when my hormagaunts could have ripped the attacking unit apart.

    So in conclusion, I havent had any second thoughts on using these rules for my next battles.

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