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MKD Maps
« on: September 16, 2017, 07:56:27 AM »
G'Day Dungeon Crawlers!  8)

Well, it seems that Diamondz has sucked me back into the MKD map making world. At his request, I have uploaded almost all of MKD map creations to Dropbox.

This includes my exact digital re-creations of the original WK maps (Dungeons Maps 1-6, Pyramids maps 1-2 and even the Scrye magazine Minotaur Madness map) and all the MKD tiles. There are also over 3 dozen of my custom maps. In entirety, a little too much to ask Rob to host on my main site.

All of these I created from scratch using a freeware MapX program (no longer available as far as I know) and alot of painstaking work in paint programs... so there should be no worry about using them and having a copyright troll bother you. They print out at 144 dpi and if printed at that size will create the correct size maps/tiles. You can use a 'splitter' program to print them onto 8.5x11 sheets and tape/glue them together if need be.

Anyone wanting access to them should drop me a PM with their email (or leave it in a comment) and I'll get you a share link... it may be a few days but I check in once a week or so and will do a bit more regularly for the foreseeable future if there looks like interest.

Any questions, just post them here.


Cheers!  8)
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