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So the wife and I have been watching True Blood. Great modern fantasy show. Highly recommend it. This prompted the wife to get the books. She could not stop gushing over them so I am reading as well. The first book is actually very good. Unique writing style that really gives a sense of character to the first person prose. Not as much of a "romance" novel as you might think, either. More fantasy/mystery.

As long as it doesn't turn into another Anita Blake (the character) fiasco. I loved the books at the beginning but, holy crap, did the author lose it and start writing (badly) fluffy pseudo porn. Blech. And don't get me started on "sparkley vampires".  :roll:

Lordy. Agreed on all counts. True Blood, the show, really went downhill the last couple episodes. Just nothing like the book. Not just what happens, but the feel is just OFF. First season was so good and now...well, I hope its not the beginning of the end. Started the second book and its very good as well!


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