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I just got through reading "The First Book of the Swords", by Fred Saberhagen.  Now I am starting on "The Second Book of the Swords".  It is a trilogy about twelve sword that the god Vulcan forged and then gave to us mere mortals.  It is a pretty good story so far.  It centers around three main people and their lives with the swords.
There are six more books about the Lost Swords, which pickup many years after this first trilogy finishes.  I have all six of those and will read them someday.  I'll let you know how they turn out.  These are old, but seem to be good.

I do read new stuff as well.  Anyone out there like the Dirk Pitt stories?

I read those way back in the day!  They are pretty good books.  I did not know about the follow up books.  When were they released?

"The First Book of the Lost Swords" shows a copyright of 1986.  Good old books.

I love rediscovering old books. I have about 12 books of "The Shadow". Bantam reprints of the old serial novels. I'm going to start in on them after the book I'm reading now.


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