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I've been reading some good old books by Fred Saberhagen call the Berserker series.  I read a few when I was in Jr. High and thought they were good so I set out to find the whole series and read them all.  I have almost all but two.  I have enjoyed reading them.  

They are about an ancient race that made machines to fight and kill their enemy but something went wrong with the programing and the machines killed both races and are now working their way through the galaxy killing all life. The stories focus on how Human kind are fighting them.

They are easy reading, and fun.  Anyone else read his works?  What do you think?

No I haven't heard of it... sounds interesting. I need an easy read, I have very little time for reading an more these days. I think I'll check it out.

OMG! I haven't thought about those books in years. I think I still have some. I  remember enjoying them. I should dig them out and reread them.

Once I finish the last novel in Gordon R. Dickson's Chile Cycle. Even though he died in 2001 it just came out (finished by another author).

Berserker Books, etc.

This is a list of his Berserker books and the ones I have and have read.
1. Berserker (1967)   Have
2. Brother Assassin (1969) Have
     aka Brother Berserker
3. Berserker's Planet (1975) Have
4. Berserker Man (1979)  Have
5. The Ultimate Enemy (1979)  Have
Berserker Wars (1981)  Have
6. Berserker Base: A Collaberative Novel (1984) (with Poul Anderson, Edward Bryant, Stephen Donaldson, Larry Niven, Connie Willis and Roger Zelazny)  Have
7. The Berserker Throne (1985)  Have
8. Berserker Blue Death (1985)  Have
9. The Berserker Attack (1987)  Have
10. Berserker Lies (1991)  Need
11. Berserker Kill (1993)  Have
12. Berserker Fury (1997) Have
13. Shiva in Steel (1998)  Have
Berserker Prime (2003)  Have
Berserker's Star (2003)  Need
Berserker Death (2005) Need
Rogue Berserker (2005)  Need


I just got the last book in this set.  It will be good to have read them all.
Happy reading B)


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