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Painting Clinic / Something I painted recently....
« on: March 06, 2009, 03:41:48 PM »
Hey all, I'm new here and sad to see that this painting forum is sadly lacking in photos of pretty miniatures.

In a  bid to do my part to reverse the situation, here's a guy I painted recently - he's some an evil Genie from the Hell Dorado line of figures.

Introductions / Re:Introduce Yourself.
« on: March 06, 2009, 03:27:57 PM »
Personal Stats:

Name: Joe Wiedeman (aka minidragon)
Age: 34
Marital Status: happily married
What does your Spouse think of all this?: she couldn't care less...though she does like to look at my little toys sometimes
Why did you pick your Nickname?: minidragon is what I use everywhere!  It's the name my paiting service goes by and what I use for just about all my online doings.
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation: painter
How I Found Dungeon Crawlers: Iain over at Castle Kits said I should drop by here and see what's going on.

About Your Gaming:

Favourite Games: Warmachine, D&D (4.0)
Favourite Rules System: D&D 4.0 does some interesting and innovative things that I really like - its my new shiny toy
How Many Years have you been Gaming: about 22
How did you get into Gaming: saw some miniatures in a comic book store and thought they were the coolest thing ever.
Biggest Love About Gaming: when nifty things happen, like when my buddy was going for broke in Warmachine to kill me off and ended up killing himself off as well!  We laughed like idiots for a good while!
What You Hate the Most While Gaming: people who wrap their whole lives around gaming to the extant that they are socially challenged.
Pet Peeve: overly competitive people...lets just have fun instead!!!

Favourite Computer/Console Games:
Company of Heroes - this game rocks.
Favourite Music/Books/Movies:
The Darkness is my favorite band.  I am immensely sad that they only put out two albums before they fell apart.

The Lord of the Rings books are my favorite books...such an epic, sweeping story - I love it! And its a gold mine of gaming ideas as well.

Snatch is probably my favorite movie.  D'ya lake dags?

Anything else you'd care to disclose: For many of the years I've been a gamer I was really more of a painter - I'm decent at it and it gives me a good deal of enjoyment.  I also paint on commission for people - I think of it as doing my part to reduce the size of the sadly unpainted mountains of lead  / pewter that lurk in the depths of gamer's homes everywhere!

If you like pictures of painted miniatures I invite you to have a look at my website:
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