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I had a friend from the States come visit this last week (one of the reasons I've been absent from the site) and we played several games of Solaris VII and MWAoD.  I can never get him to play Mage Knight Dungeons :(

Between showing him around Oxford I was able to take a couple shots of our games.

Escort Convoy
I kicked butt here using mostly infiltration units.

This three way was House Liao, Republic of the Sphere, and an all Merc/Gunslinger.  We used the mission card where the winner was the player with the lowest point mech at the end of the game.
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That same friend is back, but this time for a year as he goes to school at Oxford Brookes University.

We played a 300 pt game last night, three players, everyone vs. everyone.  Instead of using 3D terrain we settled with one of the battle maps.  This game was just a refresher course as none of us had played in a while.

So in the end I won taking out two of the figures and salvaging the mech from the player on the Left A and only damaging one of the mechs from the Right A.  I got stuck on Deployment B, which is the worst deployment on the map.  

This kind of got my blood warmed up for more!


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