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1200 point game


Just got through playing a 1200 point Mech game.  It was lots of fun.  Had some cool rule regarding salvage stuff.  Part of the mission was to capture salvage stuff that was randomly placed on the board, get it back to your repair bay and then bring it out to fight.  Had a good time.  Started at 9 am and ended at 3 pm.  Drank lots of coke and ate lots of popcorn.

looks like fun. makes me want to try a mech game. Who's coming to Toronto to play me? (you have to bring the minis)...

Awesome!  I love to see games in play.  I noticed a few of my terrain pieces in use as well!  Thanks for that one!

So who won?
What mechs did you use?

I did not win.  One of the other guys won on points.  I used an assortment of Light mechs to run out to the salvage units and guard them till my transports could arrive and unload infantry to capture the units.

Forgot to say that I used a mixture of terrain from various sources.  Lots of it was from HP and his great designs.  All can be downloaded right here. 8)   How is that for advertising?  :wink:


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