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Paper Terrain has some new MW buildings

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Rob was able to get some of the MW buildings i designed converted from MSword to .pdf and get them into the downloads section!! Check 'em out and have fun! Hopefully next week the rest of the files will be up. Happy gaming B)

Oh yeah-if anyone is interested in city buildings for Heroclix, let me know and i'll foward the files to rob,ibson or hp so they can help with converting and uploading them to the downloading section.(i have alot, like almost 30 different buildings, including a large daily bugle skyscraper)

Nice job!  I have not been able to get back into making terrain lately.  So it is nice to see new terrain.

And for those of you looking you can find them here

Thanks for the compliment and the link hp! There will be lots more buildings in the upcoming days. These were my first attempts at making paper terrain, some of the mw buildings i like much more than others...i forget which one is my favorite.(the one with the battle damage and the small bunker)

more up and more coming :woohoo:


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