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Planetary Condition


Greeting all,
I am looking for the following Planetary Condition Cards:
Ice Fields         PC-001
Desert Wasteland      PC-002
Dust Storm         PC-003
Swamp                 PC-004
Heavy Fog         PC-013
Caustic Atmosphere      PC-015
Subzero Temperatures           PC-017
Nightfall         PC-021
Solar Flare         PC-025

I would be willing to trade the following cards for them:

Anti-Aircraft Targeting Equipment              G-089
Harjel III Auto-Repair System                    G-025        
Fluid Gun- Coolant            G-027
Lossey, Matt D.    pilot                 L-027
Allard-Liao, Kia   pilot                 GS-026
Kerensky, Natasha   pilot                 GS-028
Schlomer, Burkhard   pilot                 GS-027

If you are interested, send me a private message.  I would like to do an even trade, one card for one card.  I will pay postage to ship cards to you if you will do the same.  I live in Southern Africa.


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