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Solaris VII will be great but I would hate to see MWAoD to fall like Mage Knight or Mage Knight Dungeons.

So how about Conquest Action Packs? I think they would sell better than the MK Conquest as the terrain for MWAoD is much smaller. All weapons and buildings would have built in dials.

And if you had GF9 make them then please don't make them over charge like they did with that Ugly terrain they made. Way too expensive for a dixie cup. The Mechs are the only bonus to them. Although to GF9 defense the MW counters and dice are cool.

Some ideas could be

Turret Action Packs (turrets about the same size as the Dropship Turrets)
- 1 Laser Turret
- 1 Long Range Missile Turret
- 3 Merc Infantry

Bunker Action Packs
- 1 Bunker with large Turret
- 1 Light Mech

Communication Action Pack
- 1 Satellite Dish
- 1 Communications Building
- 3 Merc Engineers

Wall Action Packs

- 4 Walls
- 4 Buttresses
- 2 Light lasers for Buttresses
- 1 Merc Repair Vehicle
- 1 light or medium mech

Tower Action Packs

- 1 Tower
- 1 Defensive Weapon
- 1 Heavy Mech Merc

Orbital Gun Action Pack

- 1 large Orbital Gun
- 2 Towed Gauss Rifle
- 2 Infantry of some kind.

VTOL Landing Area w/ Control Tower

- 1 Landing pad
- 1 Control Tower
- AA vehicle

Mech Repair Bay Action Pack

- 1 Repair Bay (should be large enough for Ares)
- 2 Engineers
- 1 Light Mech or Recovery vehicle

Field Hospital Action Pack

- 1 Field Hospital
- 1 MASH Vehicle
- 2 Field Medics

Faction Action Packs

- 6 Infantry
- 2 Vehicles
- 1 Artillery
- 1 Transport
- Hindering Terrain defense like sand bag walls or other.

What ideas do you have?

I'd like to see an actual rule set or ideas for a rule set for a conquest type of campaign. I know people have made their own, but they aren't always all that good. My brother and I would love to get a planet conquest game going, perhaps something we did over the course of say a week over the summer.

I like your ideas for action packs, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to buy many of them.

I added this same reply over on the WizKids forums and there is a bit of a call now for them.  It would be nice if WizKids would go for it.

I personally would purchase multiple copies of them.

So what if there was a set of rules for large-sclae MechWarrior, but not any added larger-based stuff to go with it?

Sad to say, but the oversized stuff sells for diddly in general.  Heck.  I just want a Leopard Dropship, but I doubt we'll get one.  Too expensive to make versus sales (from what I've seen).

I'm saying they could do it.  They made the Castles for Conquest.  I personally belive these would sell better than the Mage Knight Conquest.  In truth if they had not made the MK castle so Genre specific and more generic fantasy they would have sold more of those as well.

However there are a few 10-15mm sci-fi ranges that can be used with this idea from other companies.  And they are cheaper than Gale Force 9


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