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Can't see the dials on your dropship?

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I was reminded by the conquest thread about how I fixed my dropships dials.

If your dials are DARK because of that nasty oil here's how to fix them without having to print new dials (yes really).

Get white archival safe paper, archival safe glue stick, a pencil, an exacto knife, and something to cut on.

Pop open the dials, and blot them with paper towels.  Gently peel the plastic and paper off and blot them too.

Using the clear plastic as a guide, trace the dials on the white paper.

Cut them out, place the numbered dial on the white paper, the plastic over it, and put a dot of glue on the white paper.  Fit it all back together.

When it all gets put back together, it's amazing how clear the dials become.

That is a great idea!  you would not by chance have taken photos?  This would have made an awesome write up with step by step guides!  Well done! I never would have thought of that at all.

That is a great idea.  I have sen the dials on the internet and you can download them, print them and then put in.  But your way will keep the original dials.  Good job.

Sorrifully I did not take pictures while doing it...

But I could do a recreation :D


--- Quote from: "GarnetRose" ---Sorrifully I did not take pictures while doing it...

But I could do a recreation :D
--- End quote ---

Yes you should.  With MY Dropship


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