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Mageknight / WizKids purchased...yet again
« on: September 15, 2009, 11:18:43 PM »

NECA Acquires WizKids Assets from Topps

The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. (NECA) has purchased the majority of the assets of WizKids, Inc. from The Topps Company, Inc., including the award-winning Clix family of games, which includes HeroClix, ActionClix, HorrorClix and SportsClix. NECA will also acquire the WizKids brand, the Pocketmodel Game family of games, including the Pirates of the Crimson Coast, Pirates of the Spanish Main and Pirates of the Cursed Seas games, and the Mage Knight line of games.

The assets of WizKids that were purchased by NECA have been transferred to a wholly owned NECA subsidiary operating out of its offices in Hillside, New Jersey, which will operate under the WizKids name.

Clix pioneered the collectible miniature category and HeroClix has been the leading collectible game in the comic genre since its 2002 debut, due to its innovative game platform and deep collection of characters from the respective worlds of Marvel and DC Comics. NECA will continue the successful HeroClix product lines from powerhouse brands DC Comics and Marvel.

The Pocketmodel Game family of games includes the Pirates of the Cursed Seas PocketModel Trading Card Game, which is the latest in the successful line of Pirates card games that has run since selling out its first run in 2004.

“WizKids has created the best games within the collectible miniature and constructible genres and NECA is proud to help continue this great legacy,” said Joel Weinshanker, President and CEO of NECA. “The HeroClix engine is the envy of the industry and many companies have attempted to emulate it without success. We’re thrilled to deliver HeroClix to the gamers.”

NECA has hired Lax Chandra, who ran the WizKids subsidiary for The Topps Company, to be the President of NECA’s newly formed subsidiary, which will operate under the WizKids name. Former WizKids employees Chas Delong, Wade Sugiyama and Mike Elliott have also been brought on to help with the transition.

In the coming days and weeks, the new WizKids company will make further announcements about upcoming release plans.

For further information and updates, visit

Good deal for Wade.  He's always been a great guy.  Any of ya wondering if there will be a third launch of Mage Knight?  Or will the IP rights just get sold piecemeal?

We live in interesting times yet again.

Comics & Graphic Novels / Marvel: Secret War
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:39:14 AM »
Just picked this one up yesterday.  Typically the Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks I look for are stories off of the radar of normal continuity*, and this one kinda falls into that category.

Without going into spoilers...  This is not the glorious garbage that was the 80s Secret Wars.  I love that story arc/mini-series, but let's be honest, the story sucked.  It's great fun, but it's like eating a jar of marshmellow creme; Sure it's light and fluffy and sweet, but when you finish it you feel greasy and a little nauseous.

If you're unaccustomed to fiction that bounces between past and present, be aware that that device is here.  The changes are easy to see, but it can be jarring if you're not ready for it.

All in all, not bad.  Not great, mind you, but I'd give it a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.  The artwork is not what I usually like, but I was more drawn into the story than the art.  The story itself is much more gritty and down-to-earth than some of Marvel's publications.  The writing is closer in feel to Ultimates than Avengers.  People die, people that get hurt STAY hurt, and there are dire consequences to every choice.  

And the best part is Nick Fury's files on the various Marvel universe characters.  It actually made me like Nick Fury again in the 616 universe.  If such a thing truly existed, there is no way on this earth I would want the heavy burden of leading an international watchdog organization.  Heck, I wouldn't even want to be part of it in any way.


*If you wanna know the truth, I usually only get grabby over What if?... and Elseworlds books.  They seem to explore more of the characters than the usual continuities.  We all know the basic characters, but I like the deeper development allowed in books that are outside of the norm.  I still need a copy of "In Darkest Knight".

Stuff / Support for this site...
« on: July 05, 2008, 09:47:40 PM »
I just had a strange thought:

Rob, how the heck do you manage to run this site with no advertising?

I know that's none of my business, but I just ran across the realmworx "Donate NOW!" button and thought, "Wow.  My own use of Dungeon Crawlers has suddenly jumped up.  I think I'd much rather donate to that site than realms".  Other than a Units section, I have all the functionality I'd want, so it's not that I wanna have the bells and whistles that realms offers donors.

So I guess basically this is less of, "How do you run this place?" and more along the lines of, "Um.  I'm using up more bandwidth.  Can I help out?".

And now I think I need to post something in the Palladium section.

Stuff / Suggesting new content
« on: August 30, 2007, 03:30:18 PM »
So we had a WizKids: Mage Knight forum request for sigmazero13's Unofficial Compiled Rules, and I was wondering if you folks would be interested in maybe hosting that document?

It's happened a few times in the last week (one request was from me, actually), and I figured some fellow MK diehards might want to be the place to bring in traffic.

If you want to host it, I have the document in my e-mail inbox right now.

Mageknight / Las Vegas Mage Knight
« on: August 28, 2007, 01:50:26 AM »
Just in case you fine folks happen to find yourselves in the happiest adult place on earth, please know that we do have a small group of Mage Knight diehards around here.  

Yesterday was Team Conquest.  Two armies per side, 2,000 points each.  I ended up playing both parts of a team, and it was a little bit jarring.  I'd be working on my Draconum army, getting ready to try some bit of maneuvering, then go to the Solonavi army and forget what the heck I was planning there!  I think next time I'll suggest one team of [email protected] 2,000 points and then maybe have one army on my side at 3,200 points or something.  

I'm trying to get these guys up to speed for a 10K Conquest.  I'll probably try to show off and go faction pure.  Next time we play (hopefully in two weeks) we're breaking out the Dungeons stuff.  Considering I've played all of one time, I'd imagine that these guys will get their revenge for yesterday.

So yeah, if you folks on the board ever end up here, know that there is a willing and friendly opponent or four ready to take up the challenge!

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