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Welcome to the world... but only in times of need


Wrong Choice, you fool! The Stranger hits Mord Gunnar, and OSRS gold awards him a reward of 25. He dies and leaves behind an Map of the Seas. The Stranger will not go down without fighting. Then, take out Bandit (Level 69). He wields Rune Dagger (P+) that can inflict a posion on you to up to four. He will drop Clue scroll after the player has passed away. You will find the following: I am sought out by a rogue faction; within a marsh of hidden dangers; Circle of Evil in a corrupt town; you will locate me and get the other part. The obvious solution is Burgh De Rotte. Talk to any of the 6 citizens.

Welcome to the world... but only in times of need. That's right! I will protect you! Now fight the Stranger, Level-69. He will be killed. He will only be able to make use of the Dragon Dagger. He will make a fair easy target and drop Thwait


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