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Other than, less or more what Lardar said:Nats through abyss


Furthermore, in OSRS gold case you haven't already, performing the Love Story quest unlocks a new sort of dungeon room which adds a whole multitude of new dungeon guards that you are able to add down there, like scarabites, black demons, iron dragons etc., and most of these new monsters are less costly than the original trolls, hellhounds and steel dragons etc.. When I missed anything feel free to ask away again.

Lardar pretty much summed up the best approaches, but to earn a correct plan we'd have to know precisely what level you are. Oh, and good luck! It depends how you wish to do it, personally, I despise runecrafting and do not need the cash, so I slay always at the minute for effigies to use on runecrafting, in addition to helping people with their RC effigies, (91 onwards, so I would suggest this as it's a totally free 30k rc XP per day) I would use the penguins too for a quick increase once a week, as that accumulates well to a high XP count so long as it will take for 99 Runecrafting.

Other than, less or more what Lardar said:Nats through abyss. ZMI Altar. Alternatively, when free trade comes back we ought to observe the growth of Air, Law and Dual character running again, so might be a preferable method, to sit in the altar all day and have people bring you essence.

Why should I use tank method? If so what should I use? Should I only wear my current range armour? (full armadyl, snakskin boots, zamorak blessed dhide vamps, ava's accumelatour, ammy of rangeing, rune cbow, wide bolts, god publication. The Granite protect works nicely as it has a very high ranged defense... or if I only wear monk robes and high prayer bonus and beg all of cheap RuneScape gold the time?


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