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Hello all,
I downloaded everything from and the sub-subjects and it seems the Quest cards are missing. The rules show one on page 4. it would be great if I could get them from someone if they exist. Send me a private msg if you have them and I will respond with my e-mail address

Thanks Shootme
yes I know bang bang  :shock:

I've checked my files and I don't seem to have them. Maybe HP or Ibson have them. If they do, I'll add them to the file repository.

Ok thanks for looking.

I am considering trying to set up magic set editor to make cards for it since it seems I have found it only after it has been decided the game will be rewritten. That will take a while at least I think since I only just got the program and it seems to have a bit of a learning curve for creating data files.


Give me some time to try to find them.  If you have read some of the other boards (not necessary of course  :P ) you would know I've not only had computer problems but I'm neck deep in final exams right now.

I should have them, if not on my back up drive then saved on a DVD.  

I was remaking them at one point.

Yes I have read that.. back-up back up

its no rush i am setting up magic card editor to make cards for magequest 1 not sure i like the city ideas for version 2 but once i post my samples of what i made for 1.0 if you guys like what it does i can hopefully make you the set-up files (called styles) for the rewrite though It is slow going for me to learn the markup used.. it isn't complicated really just not alot of time to work on it. I finally got the treasure card file made for normal playing card size now to do it for the business card size not sure yet what that size is yet. I really like the idea of using the program magic set editor because you can make different styles and instead of having to remake the entire set of cards each time you just change the style and the program does the work for you. Then yo have the options of sharing the set file or the program can export image files instead. I am hoping that by doing this it will enable people to make cards and share with the rest of us and they will all look the same and not require any complex computer skills to make new cards. The Program is free and can be downloaded from here I will make a thread for it when I get the two styles made. I will upload the styles to one of the fileshareing sites and post a how to use the files post.

thanks for taking the time to look for those files.


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