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The Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3: Special Issue Battle Tiles


If you have CC3 and DD3 you can download this special issue Annual for free!

I've been playing around with it for about 15 min. and it will really help to build your dungeon or outdoor tiles.

The default is a 7"x7" tile with a 1" grid.  The grid is set up with 1/2" squares around the border with a 6"x6" in the center.

I'm going to mess with the settings so it gives me a 7.5"x7.5" for MKD and another for a Hex grid system.

The Battle Tiles have hidden layers that when shown are guides on where to place exits, Where the main image is and where the masks are, and where to place walls, castle walls, ditches, etc.

This is well thought out and will be a good addition to CC3/DD3.

When I get my custom templates done it is my intention to add to the 60 MKD tiles already offered and to start on outdoor tiles.

Obviously this is cool to me!

Cheers! 8)


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