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In particular the level advancement information and the character sheets. Also my computer opens the PDF stuff fine but will not open the Zips any help with this would be great. Love the Slave girl in the Villagers set.
Keep it coming. Also not on the Quest Topic in the ship PDF it mentions a Dwarven Steamer. Is that going to be coming out soon?
LMK      :lol:

Google a FREE program called 7zip to open the zip files. Any other compression program should open them as well, i.e. Winzip, WinRAR, PKZip, etc...

I'll let HP comment on the rules stuff.


So how about it Highland Piper. Any help on the Mage Quest would be helpful.

I have not done anything on Mage Quest in years.  It seemed the most interest and help I was getting was from Ibson only.  I kind of dropped the whole thing.  I don't think I have any files left from it due to the great hard drive crash of 2008.

When I play I use the standard rules.

Was there anything in particular you wanted?

Any thing and everything. Mainly the Character advancement chart and what you get at levels above 5th. I have printed everything that the site has right now anything else that you have would be appreciated.

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