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I'm moving the post over here as I need to work on my CC3 style and thought I would start with my favorite game Mage Knight Dungeons.

Here are some of the other in the Mage Knight Dungeons Thread

Here is my latest attempts.  I need critical feed back.  Tell me if you actually would or would not print these out and play on them.  If we can come to a style we all agree on then I will start kicking out TONS of tiles and new Cavern Tiles as well.

Ibson does not like how clean they look, and thinks they are a bit "cartoony"  I will work on those issues.

What do YOU want in a MKD tile?

Here is the floor samples.

Now if you number them left to right there are 15.  You will notice that the walls in the tile in the first post are made from #5 and the outline is from a cobbleston which I did not submit as an option.  I will be using that one for roads when I do MKD outdoor tiles with CC3.

You can mix and match so let me know what you would like to see.  I can make more than one style as well giving it a Dungeon Runners, Diablo, MKD and Pyramid type feel.

Each style will come with the Trap Tokens that Scotte made but with the proper floor texture.

Sample #6 is normally the same size as Sample #7 but I reduced the image to try to lessen the repditive pattern.  I can do that with any of the textures.  

The samples that look like a single color (except for #1) is actually a single tile that when put together form a grid.  If I reduced those 50% then one tile would have 4 tiles in one square.

It looks very similar to the maps that come with the game. Thats a definite plus. However, I think the cobblestones could use a bit more contrast. Might make them look a bit less cartoony.

I will work on the contrast of the floors.  I've started on the cave tiles as well.  I'll post a picture or two when I get something I like out of it.

I have to put making them on hold until I get an answer from the ProFantasy Boards on some of the lighting effects.

Here are some of my cave ideas.  I will add some full size maps as well.

These maps are just examples I know they are pretty "clean" and I will add more debris and stuff to them.

Here is an idea for sewer maps.  I need to work on the water effects a little bit.


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