Author Topic: I started playing RuneScape  (Read 379 times)

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I started playing RuneScape
« on: January 03, 2021, 01:17:24 AM »
With a team you'll want to receive 100+ battle with 75+ Strike and 80+ Power minimum, Plus 75 or greater defence so that you're not sat there eating the whole time. Get 70 Prayer and piety, 43 prayer won't cut it. Get 52 Summoning for OSRS gold a Terrorbird in LEAST, or even 67 or whatever for a War Tortoise/68 to get a Bunyip. Raise your magical (to possibly 70) for getting there and also to help contrary to being Mage-raped.

In terms of armour and weapons in the level I would recommend something accurate and hard hitting (use a whip and you'll only be a waste of space for the group - you'd never strike ). Perhaps this: Bandos Godsword (Use the Specific Attack to Reduce Defence). Helm of all Neitiznot. Amulet of Fury (or even Glory if you can not afford this ). Woodcutting Skillcape. 1 Zamorak Arrow (stops enemies attacking you during killcount). Black Dragonhide Body. Dragon Boots or Climbing Boots (If you have to walk - make sure these are the 75K ones, then they supply a +2 Power Bonus). Great luck, you have got a lot of training to do.

I state minimum for team is 80 assault, 75 def,75 str, 52 summon,60 pray, 75 magical for magic def - People are not minimum stats. Minimum is to be 85/85/85 using 70 prayer and 80 magic and maybe a fruitbat. When I put the stats you suggested in zybez's combat ability calc it ended up being 96cb. 115cb is the minimum and Buy RS gold most teams would ask the 115 to possess chaotics.