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I downloaded once, some paper islands that had forts and docks on them.  I cannot find the web site where I got them.  Anybody have any ideas where I can find some different paper islands or terrain for Pirates? I have seen the 3d stuff, but it is too expensive.

Are you talking about 2d top down islands?

If so, I could make you some. I bow to HP on 3d stuff :-)

'Course, it would take a couple of kicks at it to get the scale right but adding buildings and wharfs shouldn't be too much of a problem.

*first kick at an island with no attempt at quality :blush:

post some links to pictures of what you have in mind and I will see what I can do.

2D is ok.  I have seen some that had docks and forts built into them.  3D would be cool, but not sure what they should look like.  I will keep looking and let you know.
What you made Rob was nice.

I dug deep into my archives and fond these files.


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