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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy:Adventures

Well I just bought this 31 page pdf at e23.  If your a GURPS fan and you want to run some old timing Dungeon Crawl then you should probably get the book.

It is a nice supplement to GURPS Fantasy and GURPS Magic.  This is the perfect thing to get your massive 20 level underground dwelling going.

Who builds those things anyways? :blink:

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons

Now out PART TWO!

I'm getting excited and will be wanting to return to the old hack and slash of the Dungeon Crawl.  So if your interested in an online game with Screen Monkey let me know.

Part two really focuses on the dungeons and how to deal with them.  This is a great source book even if you do not play GURPS.

Damn, that looks like fun. I wish I had more time... stupid 24 hours a day rule...

Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level

The Next Level focuses on the characters.  From races to lenses (classes)it expands what was given in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy:Adventures 1.

44 pages on how to customize your character to reach those lower levels!

Dungeon Fantasy 4: Sages

From gizmos to potions Sages allows you to add new elements to your dungeon games.  This 17 page pdf is a great way to breath new life into an old genre

It has been awhile since we have had a new Dungeon Fantasy but Steve Jackson Games as finally released the next instalment of this popular series.

Dungeon Fantasy 5: Allies

From the publishers web site

--- Quote ---Would you rather face a roomful of bloodthirsty monsters alone, or with a 500-pound grizzly bear at your side?

Dungeon Fantasy 5: Allies has all the information you need to bring various types of supernatural help to your Dungeon Fantasy game. For druids, this book contains more than a dozen useful animal companions, from anacondas to wolverines. For clerics and holy warriors, there's the divine servitor waiting to be a faithful friend, plus lenses and more than 20 elements that can be used to define its mighty abilities. (Who couldn't use the assistance of a winged divine servitor who serves War, Fire, and Light?) For spellcasters, support is little more than a ritual away, in the form of familiars. These helping hands (or whatever) range from common creatures such as cats and hawks to more exotic choices like hellhounds and shoulder dragons.

The Dungeon Fantasy line for GURPS is about gathering friends for fast, fun fantasy fighting. With Dungeon Fantasy 5: Allies, it's even easier to summon more friends to the battle!
--- End quote ---

My brain has stalled coming up with ideas for my other GURPS Fantasy Adventure, but it is more realistic with combat being deadly (as it is in real life) so it is more of an intellectual game with combat only when necessary.  But I can't seem to go any farther in those games.  I need time to come up with new ideas and still have adventures to play with my group.

Dungeon Fantasy to the rescue!  This is a typical hack and slash munchkin game of bigger is better!  Although you can certainly play it otherwise, it is meant to harken back to the old days of Dungeon Crawling.  So I took it one step further.  We are playing our Dungeon Fantasy game completely underground.  The characters never go to the surface because there is no way to the surface.

Instead of towns you have 'Warrens' like rabbit warrens.  The place is lighted by different kinds of crystals that glow (these can be purchased or an earth mage can grow them right in your house), and different kinds of bio-luminescent plants.

In true old school fashion you don't need a reason to do anything and rarely does the thought come up if Orcs have feelings too.

I'm looking forward to adding Dungeon Fantasy 5: Allies to the game.  Because bad guys need allies too! :lol:


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