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This is a project that many have started and never finished so I'm going to take this up as a side project.

Most GURPS and Battletech players use most of the GURPS rules but stay with the Battletech combat rules.

I'm going to build this entirely with GURPS and keep only the setting of Battletech.

Right now I'm unsure of how to organize it, I know how to do the Equipment and Mechs, but the settings I'm still working on.

Any ideas of course would be most welcome.

HP! :blush:

You just can't help yourself, can you. Another worthy project. I'm not the biggest battletech fan (Did get a bunch of MW figs recently however) but I'll give you a hand if you like. Let me know what you need.

Don't forget we have to finish some of the MKD stuff though. :whistle:

PM me your address again, I have another disk for you to add to your collection.


Ibson B)

Lets try this again.  My computer locked up while replying to this.

I think we can kick out the MKD stuff in just a few months at the max (minus the paper terrain).  This project will take a long time.  :blink:

Good news about the project is that I contacted the Head Honcho over at and he had given me permission to use and link to any of their information.  This will cut about....two years off the project.

I'm currently working on a map in AstroSynthesis 2 of the Battletech Universe.  This will allow those with AS2 to have an interactive map of the CBT (Classic Battletech) and MWAoD (Mechwarrior Age of Destruction) universe.  The map will take time as well because I plan on putting as much Planetary info as possible in the notes sections.

Problem with the CBT maps is they are all 2D and no way of getting it to become 3D (I've tried).  It is based off of Jump Distance not real space distance (I think).  I may add a real space 3D map based off of real star Data but that in its self is a HUGE undertaking.

Hey guys, not sure exactly what this is about as this is only my second post here, but it's Battletech related so maybe I can help you HP.

I have always taken the BT star maps to be a 3D portion of space viewed from "above" and collapsed into a 2D image. My reasoning being that it takes the same amount of time (or about) for a jumpship to travel along a short jump path as it does to travel a long one, relative the how the 2D star map makes it look. The actual distance between these planets is much greater but because the 2D map does not take height into account it seems shorter.

Yeah I think making it 3D is impossible.  the best thing to do would be to take real star data and just guess where they belong.  That in its self would take way too long.

Brad from the AstroSynthesis 2 email list was nice enough to help me import the political affiliation into AS2 so we have a good map to work from.

The great thing about AS2 is we can add planets and notes.  Also there is a GURPS Space Data plugin to help generate all of that as well!

I've almost got an Argus converted to GURPS using the 3e Mecha rules then I need to convert it to 4e.


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