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GURPS Playing Cards?


So I've been trying out a few things with GURPS.  Not only working on new forms of Geomorphs but I've noticed a new trend with using playing cards during gaming. 


Now these are based off of the FREE 4ed Combat Cards from e23 but I plan on making them a layered pdf for people to just type up the information themselves thus keeping me out of trouble  ;)

These are the card faces I want to do

GURPS Combat Cards

* Combat Manoeuvres
* Combat Attacks
* Advantages
* Disadvantages
* Weapons/items
* Spells
* Powers/Abilities
I'm not sure if all of them are needed but I can see playing the combat as a card and dice game as GURPS can have some of the most complicated combat rules around.

WOW! My cards have changed a bit since I posted this.  They will probably change again in the next year.  I've made them as an editable form so you can add your own.  More to come.

Very nice HP!  8)

Glad to see you're back into building things. I have to get my lazy butt back into it as well.


Well this project is dead in the water.  The new update to Windows means that my Acrobat 8 pro no longer can be installed on my computer.  I had the Boot Loop on my system and had to reinstall but all my CS2 stuff installed fine except Acrobat.  :(   >:(

That sucks!  >:( Hope you can find a work-around.

Cheers mate!


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