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A friend of mine is going to start a GURPS Fallout game.  This will take place in London instead of the States.  We have found a bunch of Canon Fallout material on the net.  The most helpful being the Fallout Bible.  Appears the Enclave scattered not just across the US but around the world, although probably not China.

Although we don't know if the FEV virus ever got to Europe, we do know it is now airborne so we will still have Ghouls and large mutant animals, probably Hedgehogs, Badgers and Foxes.

Not sure if he will put in Super Mutants as according to what we have read in the Fallout Bible starts only in California.  Although I'm sure other countries where making experiments as well.

I thought that I would put a response to this. :) I am the friend who is putting together the GURPS: Fallout game. It makes sense for me to put an outline of my thoughts in here for a couple of reasons. One, it'll keep my ideas from falling through the Swiss cheese-like holes in my memory. Two, it'll let anybody out there with an opinion and an internet connection tell me that I'm an idiot and suggest something less idiotic as an alternative. So on with it!
First a couple of clarifications.

1. The game will take place in the UK generally, and most specifically in London, though I'll be fleshing out story bits throughout the island.

2. Though the FEV might have been airborne (I believe it was conjectural in the Fallout Bible though I don't remember) we don't need it, so I'm leaving it out. Ghouls, big old ants, scary bears, et al... mutated from simple radiation. As for more fantastic mutations, I've got a more European justification for that...

3. I may or may not use the Enclave. It is the case that the leadership of the US in the Fallout story (including business elites, etc) hid themselves in various places around the world. I expect that at some point they'll make an appearance for GURPS: Fallout (London) but I'll let that come up organically rather than plan it out.
OK, story.

The Fallout Bible tells us that Europe had a big war with the Middle East trying to take their oil during the worldwide energy crisis and, when that didn't go to well, turned hostilities upon itself. Specifically, when the nukes started flying the UK and France decided to beat the holy heck out of each other. The UK got splattered with nukes but more importantly, the fallout was pretty horrible considering a bunch of the fallout from nukes dropped on continental Europe would migrate its way up north. England itself was hit pretty hard, particularly London. Scotland and Wales were hit primarily by fallout, actual bombing was probably more conventional and less nuclear in their cases.

It made sense to me that because space is at a premium in the UK, there was less possibility for really good fallout shelters and places to hide for the elites. So the Vaults that were built in the UK were actually built to save the "important" people in society, rather than as a testing labs for the government. With less space for people to find a safe niche within, the casualties were probably quite a bit higher here, and rates of ghoulification were also probably pretty high. Of course, there is the extensive underground system in London, and plenty of people probably found decent refuge in there, but the point is that comparatively more havoc was wreaked in the UK, as far as human cost, in the initial war and decades immediately following.

All of this had some pretty important ramifications. About twenty years after the bombs flew, the elites who'd been hidden away in their Vaults (arguably with the most important military figures, et al) came out to reclaim their country. But things had changed. Because Ireland, Wales and Scotland were comparatively better off than England, and because there was no social fabric holding everything together, these regions had decided that they were independent now and frankly, they had the power to stake that claim. The UK gov't, coming out of hiding, was able to re-establish control over London and much of England, but control is a very relative thing. Their ultimate goal, of course, was to at least restore dominion over the whole of the island, and to that effect a number of skirmishes have been fought over the years.

Because control is a relative thing and any thoughts of infrastructure and effective communication are sort of distant memories, governance devolved into something more feudal. This is also the case, de facto, in the US Fallout world, but it is more formalised in my UK rendition (because there is the cultural impetus and memory RE: that way of life. Plus, this is 50's pulp, so of course it has to have this kind of cheese!) I haven't decided whether individual zones of mini-control will be called things like counties or duchies, but in effect that's what is going to be happening, island-wide. Macro zones of control are delineated by who the local leader pledges allegiance to, with the main factions being the Scots, the Welsh, and the English, though I expect I'll try and muck it up a bit more than that.

But to muddy up the waters even more and pulp things up a bit, I figured we can't leave continental Europe out of it altogether. I decided that sometime after the war, Germany pulled itself back together by forming the "Final Reich". Because we're looking at 50's pulp (albeit set in the future... at the time of the Big Arse War) I thought that fascism certainly has its place, because it was still leaving a massive cultural footprint. I haven't decided the overall implications of this for Europe, but I did decide that at one point the Final Reich's power was pretty potent. I also decided that, in their desire to emulate all things 3rd Reich (and in my desire to pulp it up) the Final Reich was really big into bio-experiments, and the Super Soldier program was much more successful when there's all kinds of radiological goodness all over the place. Since Hitler hijacked Nietzsche, I decided that the Final Reich would as well, at least in abusing his idea of the Ubermensch (Overman). I haven't decided the exact form these will take, but I might go with the old Stalinist plan of the ape-human hybridized soldier. Why, because I think that Stalin and Hitler were buddies? No! But popular culture articulates the sort of experimentation and wishes toward super human soldiers that went on in the two contexts as being pretty much the same, just with different crazy people fueling it.

Long story short, Germany turns the full force of its war machine on the UK, but fails. I think this will probably be due to a cocktail of continental unrest, the difficulty of crossing a channel populated by mutated sea-beasts, and resistance (perhaps unified) from the isle itself. Still, there will be a portion of the UK, perhaps Oxfordshire in tribute to Hitler's wish to make Oxford the new capitol of the UK, which will be under German control even today. Also, this will allow me to spread the Ubermensch mutants around the isle much like Supermutants in the US.

That's what I've got so far, setting wise. I have plenty of ideas socially as well. For instance, society is highly demarcated class-wise (predictably). The ghouls are generally the equivalent of serfs or bondsmen. Regular folks who managed to remain human by hiding in the subways or whatever comprise more the yeoman class (and are substantially better off when they're in the countryside rather than around a power center, though it's more dangerous) and folks who draw a direct connection to the elites who were hidden underground make up the ruling, bureaucratic and military class. They would all be "titled" with the militia types being drawn primarily from the urban yeoman class.

Yeah, but that's probably enough for now. As I formalize things I'll probably put it up here as well. I'm certainly open to suggestions, b/c I'm well aware that I'm pretty much an idiot. :)


I think I'm going to have to learn Cockney Slang for this one!   :shock:

Sounds good so far.  I'd like to play a military scout.  Kind of like a Riley's Rangers type.

Count me in... oh, is it a problem that I'm in Canada?

Great back story by the way...


--- Quote from: "rob" ---Count me in... oh, is it a problem that I'm in Canada?

Great back story by the way...
--- End quote ---

Nope, Bloodydrunk used to join my GURPS group when he was back in the States via different software.  If your interested and we can get the times set up you can certainly join.


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