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: Anyone collecting?
: RedSkullz July 17, 2008, 08:41:43 PM
Am i the only palladium collector here? At one time i had a full collection of the fantasy rpg books...unfortunately they were taken from me :(
Now....many years later i have been trying to recollect the series, as well as superheroes unlimited and rifter magazines....i am a long ways off having them all. (but slowly getting there)
: Re:Anyone collecting?
: Highland_Piper July 18, 2008, 04:43:07 AM
Yeah I used to have every book but lost them in the great theft of 1994.  I still have a few left.  The Palladium Fantasy setting and Rifts setting is great.  I'm just not very happy with the whole Pladdium rule system anymore.

I have most of the Robotech books as well.
: Re:Anyone collecting?
: Fat*Ninja July 18, 2008, 05:40:43 PM
Collecting?  Oh heavens no.  I'm closer to what you'd call a fanatic.

Honestly, the only game Palladium currently produces/supports in which I don't have at least one copy of every book is the Fantasy.  

Turtles/After the Bomb:  All, including the 1st edition Turtles with the sexual deviancy tables.

Robotech/Macross II: Two complete sets of everything old, almost a third.  Only the one copy of the new Robotech book, but that will be three once the Collector's Edition and normal Palladium size versions are released.

Rifts:  Yes.  All.  Currently up to date including Rifters, I believe.  Two copies of the Collector's Edition Hardback Ultimate blah blah blah.  I wanna say both copies are signed.

Heroes Unlimited 2:  All.  Most of them signed.  Carmen is a heck of a role-player and a writer.  Great stuff with the Powers Unlimited books, plus as I said, I think Carmen is the bees knees in a game.  The guy had me in stitches when he jumped into one of my games at Origins in 2004.

Oddities: Manhunter, Nightbane collection, Splicers (playing in Carmen's game, I got my vengeance), Magic of Palladium, etc.  Shirts out the wing-wang.  

Honestly, Palladium is my favorite system.  Not saying I won't try anything else!  I'm looking at getting 4th edition D&D just to try it.  Still have Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP), Marvel RPG (that stones thing), and a host of other RPGs.  I like the crunchy bits especially for tinkering with stuff without a group.  It's kinda contrary to my style of GMing, but I still enjoy it.

Plus, I honestly like a number of people that work for or write for Palladium.  At some point I'll come up with something cool enough to submit to the Rifter, just not sure what or when.

And dangit!  I meant to submit the first Palladium post to ask if anyone had picked up Shadow Chronicles.  Harrumph!
: Re:Anyone collecting?
: Highland_Piper July 21, 2008, 07:29:57 AM
I have the Gold and Silver Collectable Rifts book and the original Nightspawn before McFarlane seued them and it turned into Nightbane.

I like the Rifts theme and the rate that new material comes out.  I wish GURPS would do the same as its a far superior rule system.

I still need to get the Shadow Chronicles
: Re:Anyone collecting?
: RedSkullz July 22, 2008, 10:42:22 AM
Fat Ninja- Wow that sounds like an awesome collection. Has anyone ever tried Recon rpg? I have been wanting to hunt down a copy for awhile....
: Re:Anyone collecting?
: Fat*Ninja July 22, 2008, 02:45:35 PM
Oops.  I missed listing Recon.  I have it.  Totally different system than Palladium Megaversal, but still looks pretty cool.

Funny story:  I used to talk to one of the guys that had been brought in as a consultant for Revised Recon.  I also talked to his wife.  You may know his wife as Maryann Siembieda.  

Heh.  Now THAT guy is a fan.  All of the odd stuff that I say, "Okay.  Enough.  I don't need all of the original Mechanoid books signed by Kevin and company"...he HAS.  In triplicate!  I like both him and his wife.  Maryann catches a lot of grief, and while she can rub me the wrong way sometimes, I have a lot of respect for her.  I can't even imagine being a woman and a force in gaming through the 80s and 90s Heck, even now female gamers catch grief from the misogynists that infect our hobby.  Tough lady, there.

Now on Gurps.  I have exactly one book:  Gurps Horseclans.  My bride found it for me since she knows my love of the Horseclans novels.  Heck of a chick that lost her mind and hooked up with me.
: Re:Anyone collecting?
: GarnetRose July 25, 2008, 06:40:48 AM
We have more Palladium books in the house than I care to admit lol

Ninja has no issue with admitting to it :D


And yes Maryann can be cool very  cool. ...

<shuts up now>