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5th ed. Space Wolves!
« on: September 11, 2009, 01:54:35 AM »
I got a sneak peak of the new Codex.

HOLY COW!!!!  or should I say HOLY WOLF!!!

I did not get an in-depth look mind you, but I did notice they took away the use of the Leman Russ battle tank  :(  but there are much cooler things they get in return.  I also did not see land speeders so those may be gone now as well.


Historical Fluff will tell you that the Space Wolves do not follow the codex astartes so their structure should be the same as Space Marines during (and before) the Horus Hearsay.  Yes that means more like Chaos then current Space Marines.

This means your Grey Hunters (Tactical Marines) are equipped with Bolt Gun, Bolt Pistol and CCW (close combat weapon) wear other marines it is one or the other.

All space wolves now have Counter Attack and Acute Senses!  Yes all of them.

Fenris Wolves are really nasty and can be taken in packs as large as 15.

What would you say to Space Wolves Wolf riders?  For the cost of a terminator your marines can ride giant wolves (some bionic) giving them the movement of a Bike (12") and additional attacks.

Ok, that is all I got a glance at.

Now the models them selves are fantastic.  There will be plenty of new models coming out for the Space Wolves, but will be released slowly over the next year.  The detail is really really really cool

For those few of you that have been with Dungeon Crawlers since the beginning you will know I'm a big Space Wolf fan.  They were my first army and I look forward to collecting them again (I sold my first army before moving to England)
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Re: 5th ed. Space Wolves!
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2009, 02:08:09 AM »
I just found this information on a Space Wolves blog.


Wolf Lord: Can use every saga except for Iron Wolf and Hunter. PF, TH, and PW are the same costs as vanilla marines. SS are 6 times as expensive as the old SW dex, WC are 2 meltas, Frost Blades are same price as a PF. They come with BP, CCW, and grenades at base. They can take bikes and I think they (or at least WGBL) can take jump packs for same price as a SM HQ. They can also ride a thunderwolf for 45pts, which increases S by 1, T by one (true toughness, so its T5 and not T5(4)), A by 1, and I'm pretty sure it gives rending and allows them to move as cav. They can also take combi-weapons for 10pts. They can take terminator armour for 40pts which replaces their weapons with SB/PW. They can replace the PW with any special CCW for its PA cost -15pts. They can replace the SB with anything for cost-5pts. They can take a Belt of Russ for 25pts and they don't come with a standard invulnerable save. They can get Runic Armour for 20pts. Runic Armour gives a 5+ inv save that can only be used against psychic shooting attacks. He can also take a wolf tooth necklace (same as before) for +10pts and a wolf tooth talisman for 5pts (which ignores a psychic power used on the user or his unit on a 5+).

Wolf Priests and Rune Priests can take any saga except for maybe Warrior Born and maybe the Bear IIRC. They can get terminator armour for 20pts IIRC which replaces their BP with a SB and removes their grenades as per the normal. They can probably get combi-weapons and SS but I don't quite remember. They can get Runic Armour for 20pts. Can take wolf tooth necklace and wolf tail talisman.

Wolf Priests come with Preferred Enemy of one unit type (MC, infantry, vehicles, etc) of your choice and their unit is fearless. They have the same stats as a chaplain.

Rune Priests can pick freely between the different powers. They can select any two for free and for +50pts they can use two powers per turn. They can take a chooser of the slain for 10 or 15pts with which you select a point on the board and no infiltrators can infiltrate within 18" of that spot. They also give the RP +1 BS if shooting at a target the chooser and the RP can see. Their runic weapons are force weapons that wound daemons on a 2+ and they can negate any psychic power within 24" on a 4+.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader can pick any saga other than Iron Wolf IIRC. They're essentially a WL with one less WS, one less Attack, one less Ld, and one less W. They cost 70pts while the other characters cost 100pts. No more heavy weapons. Can take a wolf tail talisman and a wolf tooth necklace.


Logan is essentially a wolf lord in terminator armour with +1 attack, EW, the ability to give all friendly units within 18" +1 attack, Saga of Majesty with 12" range instead of 6" IIRC (though I may have the distances wrong), and the ability to give himself and an attached unit fearless, tank hunters, relentless, or preferred enemy each turn. His SB is a normal SB but his axe of Morkai can be used as a frost blade or a power fist. You can even split his attacks between the two. He also has a belt of Russ and likely also a wolf tooth necklace and a wolf tooth talisman. 275pts.

Ragnar uses a frost blade, a bolt pistol, WTN, WTT, and grenades. He has the Saga of the Warrior Born and a special charge rule that replaces the +1 attacks on the charge for his unit with +1d3 attacks. Note that this would not be comulative with the +2 attacks for BCs. His special rule, Battle Howl, gives him and his unit furious charge and once per game he can give all units within 12" furious charge. He has a 4+ invulnerable dodge save just as before. He also have 1 higher base attack than a wolf lord. 240pts

Ulrik has the basic WP stuff and stats IIRC. He also has the Helm of Russ which allows all SW units that can draw LoS to him to re-roll failed morale checks. He has the saga of the beast slayer and he confers it to his unit. He can also give one model in the army +1WS up to a max of 6. 180pts IIRC.

Canis is pretty much a WGBL on a thunderwolf with +1W, +1 attack, the wolf empowering saga, 2 WC, likely a WTT and a WTN (I think all the special characters have WTN and WTT except for Bjorn who only has the WTN), and grenades. He gives all wolves within 12" his LD of 8 (yes, he only has LD8) and he allows wolves to be taken as troops. His unique special rule allows him to use the number of enemies in b2b as his base number of attacks (so if he had 7 enemies in b2b he would have 8 attacks, 7+1 for having 2 WC). 185pts.

Njal is a Rune Priest with all the powers for 245 points. His runic weapon negates psychic powers on a 3+ instead of a 4+. He has +1 attack and runic armour to start with and can upgrade to Runic terminator armour for +25pts. He has a cyber raven that counts as a chooser of the slain IIRC and it deals d3 s3 autohits at I5 to one model in b2b during the combat phase. He has special abilities that go off for one turn. You roll a d3 at the start of the turn and add the turn number to see what ability occurs. IIRC
2) Nothing
3) All enemy units within 24" get -1BS
4) All enemy units count open ground within 24" of Njal as Difficult terrain
5) All unengaged enemy units within 18" take a Break Test
6) One unit within 18" takes D6 S9 hits, vehicles get hit on side armour
7+) All unengaged enemy units within 12" take D6 S8 AP5 hits.

Bjorn is a ven dread with 4 attacks base, I3, front AV13, a 5+ invulnerable save, WS6, BS6, and S7 base. He starts with an assault cannon and can change it to a plasma cannon for free or twin linked lascannons for 35pts. He comes with a heavy flamer on his dread CCW. He has the old and wise rule that allows you to re-roll for deployment. If he dies all SW are fearless and he counts as an objective. In KP if the SW player does not have a model in B2B contact with his remains then he gives up D3 KP, otherwise he gives up no KP.


Iron Priests – Come with Thunder Hammer. Will most likely be brought in line with Codex Techmarines. May take Saga of the Iron Wolf. No Servo-Harness.

Dreadnaught – May be Standard or Venerable, but Ironclad is not included. Start with Assault Cannon. May exchange for Multi Melta or TL Heavy Flamer (?). Venerable Dreads can take the Saga of Majesty.

Wolf Guard – 3-10 Wolf Guard. Bolt Pistol & CCW Frag and Krak grenades. May replace either BP or CCW with Bolter. May take Bikes or Jump Packs.

Basic Terminator with Power Weapon & Storm Bolter costs around 30pts. May have 1 Terminator Heavy Weapon per 5 Terminators. A WG with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield comes to 63pts. Can be assigned to other squads during deployment to act as a Sgt (1 per squad). Terminators cannot Teleport. May take a Drop Pod. One unit may take a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

Wolf Scouts – 15 points each they may take a mix of either 2 Plasma pistols and or 2 Power Weapons, a special weapon and Melta Bombs. OLB changed; roll a die and on a 1 they come in on the right short edge, on a 2 they come in on the Left short edge, and on a 3+ whatever table edge of your choice.

Lone Wolf (20pts)– A one-man unit that will be “really strong.” They are berserk survivors of Units searching for death so they may join their fallen brothers. Concede a Kill Point if they aren’t killed. WS5 W2, Eternal Warrior, Feel no Pain and re-roll To-Hit against Walkers, Monstrous Creatures and things above T5. Can take up to 2 Fenrisian Wolves and any equipment available to Wolf Guard (except Bikes and Jump Packs).


Both GH and BC's are 15 points each.

Grey Hunters (5-10) – Bolter, Bolt Pistol & CCW Frag and Krak grenades. They receive a free Flamer and get a second one for taking 10 men. They may upgrade the special weapon for 5/10 points for the first Melta/plasma gun, and if they have 10 models they get a second of the same type for free.

May take up to one Power Weapon/fist. May take The Mark of the Wulfen on one model granting D6+1 Attacks and Rending.

Blood Claws – (5-15) Bolt Pistol & CCW Frag and Krak grenades. WS and BS 3. Berserk Charge still grants +2 attacks on the charge (but not for Counter Attack). They receive a free Flamer and get a second one for taking 15 men.

May take up to one Power Weapon/fist. Headstrong - if the Blood Claw unit is within 6" of an enemy unit and doesn’t have a wolf guard leading them they can't shoot.

Fast Attack

Thunderwolf Cavalry – 1-5 Marines riding giant Wolves. They are S5 T5 W2 A4 plus Rending. For 50 points each.

Fenrisian Wolves – Beast Cavalry
. For 8 points each. One can be upgraded to Cyber Wolves for 10pts he gains +1 T, A, I, LD and a 4+ save.

Skyclaws – 5-10 Blood Claws with Jump Packs. May take 1 Special Weapon and 1 Special CCW. For 18 points each.

Swiftclaws – 3-8 Blood Claws on Bikes for 25 points each. May take an Attack Bike at a reduced cost, because they are BS 3.

Heavy Support

Long Fangs – 1 Pack Leader and 1-5 Long Fangs at 15 points each. Retain the Split Fire ability as long as the Pack Leader does not shoot. Each Long Fang MUST have a Heavy Weapon. Pack leader can take Special weapons. The Heavy weapons got really cheap too: HB 5, ML and MM 10, PC 20, LC 25.

SW still have access to Preds, Whirl Winds and Vindicators all priced the same as C:SM.

All three Landraider variants are in, but the transport capacity of the standard Landraider is 10.

All three transports are the same cost as in codex space marine, but the Drop pod only has a transport capacity of 10/5.

Rules stuff

Army-wide Special Rules

All Space Wolves have ATSKNF, Acute Senses, and Counter attack.

Sagas – Characters can take special skills called Sagas. You may not double up on Sagas, although Special Characters do not count towards this.

Saga of Majesty - All friendly units within 6" get to re-roll failed morale checks

Saga of the Beast Killer - Re-roll to hit and wound against Walkers and models of T5 or higher

Saga of the Iron Wolf (Iron Priest only) - Adds D3" to the vehicle they are in and +1 to repair rolls

Saga of the Wolf - Fenrisian Wolves get Ld7 and I5

Saga of the bear - Eternal Warrior

Saga of the Warrior Born - +1 attack for each kill in previous Assault Phase

Saga of the Hunter - Outflank and Stealth

Psychic Powers:

Maw of the World Wolf - Measure out 24" and anything touched by the line must pass an Initiative test or be removed from play. Monstrous creatures get -1 to their roll.

Chain Lightning - D6 S7 AP5 shots with infinite range.

Stormcaller - ALL friendly units within 6" get a 5+ cover save. Cast at start of turn.

Large template psychic shooting attack. Large Blast template has to touch the Rune Priest. Anything touched takes a S3 hit.
3d6 s3 auto-hits with 18" range. Any unit hit moves as if it were in difficult terrain.

All Deep Strikers, Jump Infantry, and possibly bikes normal infantry and MCs move as if they were in dangerous terrain.

Shooting attack that can be shot in Freki mode or Greki mode. Both are 12". One is S5 AP- Assault 3 and the other is S4 AP2 Assault 2. Any units taking wounds from it must take a morale check or fall back.
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Re: 5th ed. Space Wolves!
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2009, 10:31:42 AM »
I have to share my misery with you. I've been sitting down with HP and talking about the Space Wolves release, and his pants are DEFINITELY sporting a tent in his nether regions.

Pity me.
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Re: 5th ed. Space Wolves!
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2009, 06:53:24 AM »
I have to go scrub my brain now.

Thanks  :x
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