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Tau and Magnets!
« on: July 31, 2009, 02:02:28 PM »
Coming soon!  I purchased 50 magnets.  The size are 2mm x 2mm

Using a 2mm drill bit, I drilled 4 holes in each Crisis Suit.  One in each shoulder and one in each arm.  I then placed magnets in them.  I then drilled 2mm holes in all the Battle Suit weapons and upgrades and placed magnets in them as well.

I will edit this first post with a more in depth detail, photos, links, etc.

I can now switch all my weapon systems around now on my Crisis Suits.  I placed a magnet in each of the Broadside Rail guns so I could place a Target Lock or Multi-Tracker upgrade if needed.

I have just purchased 50 more of the 2mm x 2mm and 50 of 3mm x 3mm.  Those should arrive on Monday.
[attachment=0:ie6ktrdj]Tau Magnets 008.jpg[/attachment:ie6ktrdj]


Ok it is up on Terrain Monster!
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