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Ocean Terrain Contest #3
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:53:54 PM »
With at least 6 people interested, it's time to officially start the third Ocean Terrain Contest!  I will also be posting this at the other Pirates forum sites.

The Contest
-Design any amount and type of custom Pirates CSG stuff for an epic ocean!  (this includes islands, terrain, ships/wrecks (but focus on the islands and terrain), new table ideas, innovative ideas, etc.

You do not need an actual "board" for this contest; a very cheap and effective piece of blue fabric or tablecloth/etc can be had at many stores such as Joann Fabrics or Walmart.  For final pictures, place your creations on your ocean in such a way as to display them all aesthetically and in a realistic and beautiful manner.

You may create more than one ocean or board for multiple contest entries, as long as the oceans are unique and don't use any of the same exact island/terrain pieces.

Duration of Contest
Starts on July 6th 2017 (anything created from the start of the poll thread can be used)
Ends on August 1st 2018! (this is the end of the creation period, when final pictures must be submitted to this thread.  The voting will take place in August in the weeks afterward)

-Only things made during the submission period count (7/6/2017-8/1/2018)

Voting criteria

You MUST vote on all categories for ALL other entrants once the creation period ends on August 1st 2018.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification or a permanent reduction to your total score by a huge margin (such as -10 to your overall score which would prevent you from winning any prizes).

These are the categories.  All will be scored out of 5.  (ie. 5/5 is the highest score you can receive in a single category, 25/25 would be a perfect score)
1. Visual Appearance (how amazing does the ocean look?)
2. Playability (how badly do you want to play games on this ocean?  Has the creator actually played on their own ocean by submitting a battle report?)
3. Originality/New ideas (with two Ocean Terrain contests already in the books, try not to copy any ideas or make your ocean look too similar to past ones; links are below)
4. Ingenuity/resourcefulness of materials used (how well did the creator use what they had available?  What did you learn from their creations?)
5. Excitement/Intangibles (how much did this ocean WOW you?  Is it more memorable than the other oceans in the contest?  Bonus points if you can document a game being played on the ocean!)

Just like the past contest hosted by redskullz, there will be voting allowed from the other sites this is posted on.  These include:

How to enter the Contest
1. Make a post in this thread stating that you will participate.
2. Send $20 via Paypal to:

-If you cannot send $20, send as much as you can now to secure your spot in the running, and try to make up the difference as the Contest goes on.  In addition, if you're feeling generous, feel free to contribute more than $20 or offer specific prizes for winners.  (if the latter, post here in this thread about what those ships/etc would be)
-I have created a second paypal account separate from my usual one for the sole purpose of this contest.  The money will be stored there until the Prizes are distributed.

1st Place: 50% of the money (ex: if 6 entrants contribute $20 each, the grand prize winner gets $60!)
2nd Place: 30% of the money
3rd Place: 20% of the money

-These prize percentages are subject to change based on participant feedback.  (I originally had it at 70/20/10 but realized that 2nd and 3rd place would barely or not make back their initial investment lol.  In addition, it will likely be very difficult to determine a winner so the prizes probably shouldn't be that extreme)
-Feel free to contribute extra prizes!
-As the host of the contest, I may send additional prizes (such as ships, crew, or packs) to entrants I feel deserve something as an Honorable Mention.  (no promises though)

Other information
-DO NOT USE PHOTOBUCKET FOR PICTURES.  Right now is still working fine, but wherever you upload pics, please keep the original on your camera and/or computer to avoid losing it.  Imgur is another option, although linking to a Google Photos album might be the most safe way to do this.  With a long deadline it's entirely possible that multiple image hosting sites will become unsatisfactory, so we can discuss options as the months go on.
-Feel free to post a video "tour" of your ocean if you'd like, in addition to pictures.  Explaining how things function, how you made your stuff, etc, might even help your scores in categories 3-5.
-Please post any comments or concerns in this thread and I will update this post as necessary.

For reference

Here are the threads for the past Ocean Terrain Contests:

Official Ocean Terrain Board Contest
Ocean Terrain Contest Voting Thread

Oceans Contest 2.0
Oceans Contest Voting Thread: The Easier Version (SO VOTE!!)

Here are some useful links for help building stuff: (thanks to vixenishcoder66 for compiling these)
Making Islands scenery for Dystopian Wars
p2 - Making Islands scenery for Dystopian Wars


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Re: Ocean Terrain Contest #3
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2017, 08:42:38 AM »
This sounds so interesting! Any new contests on the horizon?


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Re: Ocean Terrain Contest #3
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2017, 10:23:06 PM »
This sounds so interesting! Any new contests on the horizon?

The forum at Miniature Trading has a Fleet Challenge and Miniature Review Contest going on right now.  The Ocean Terrain Contest doesn't end until 8/1/2018, so there's still plenty of time to enter.