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: 3 part ladder Campaign - duplicate post
: Highland_Piper May 30, 2007, 10:58:53 AM
So I put together a quick three game campaign to take over a planet.


1: Infection-300 points, 10 rounds

Attacker must sneak onto base (2'x2') and upload a virus into the Planetary Satellite Systems.  Attacker must move with passive sensors and move only at half speed.  Any faster and they will be automatically detected.

Once they get to the Satellite they must spend 6 rounds uploading the virus then leave the board from their deployment zone to win.

Defender will have a four point patrol set up in advance of attacker deployment.  Use a counter for each patrol point.  The patrol markers will never be closer than 7" from the Satellite (which is placed in the center of the board) and the patrol will move in a direct straight (as straight as possible) line from and to each Patrol Point.  

Defender can not have more than one Mech or vehicle.  The rest must be infantry.  No VTOL are allowed for the defender.  At least 200 points must be put as inactive and will be activated One Round After Detection of Enemy units.  100 points for the patrol and must consist of all infantry units.

Detection Defender will detect the Attacker on a 5 or 6 on 1d6 if they are within 12".  3+ on 1d6 if they are 6" or closer.  Less than 4" and its auto detection.  Make it harder if you want by adding a +1 to die roll for detecting Mechs.

Not really as difficult as it sounds


Here is the board we set up.  The Satellite is in the center of the board.  And you can see the large 2p (2 pence {penny}) as the Patrol markers.  


Round ONE

House Liao (HL) is the Defender and has a patrol of four Veteran Combat Engineers on Patrol and 2 Combat Engineers with a Towed Gauss Rifle in Stationary Watch.  Patrol gets next to the Mech Hanger wich holds 3 Salamander Battle Armors, 2 Ravager Battle Armor and 1 Wasp Light Mech in reserve.

Attacker is Republic of the Sphere (RotS) and comes onto the board in the far corner.  I have chosen 2 Nyx, 2 Sylph Battle Armors, and one Oni Battle Armor. I move the Sylph half movement, 10 inches, to the Satellite


Round TWO

Damn, I had not thought of Sylph when I thought of this scenario.  But I only said that the defender could not have VTOL not the attacker.  No worries he is within 12" of me so I roll a d6.  I need a 5 or a 6 and I get to roll twice as the stationary watch is also within 12".

I roll a 3 followed by a 2.  I take off the order token.  My turn is done  :(

Well I escaped detection by the short sighted House Liao troops.  The Sylph stays tight while uploading the deadly virus.  I get my first counter, only five more to go. :)


No bid deal.  I move my patrol in a straight line (all 6") towards the next patrol point.  Both stationary and mobile patrol are within 12" of the deadly Sylph Battle Armor.

First roll is...... a one! :ohmy:
Second roll is..... a one! :blink:

NO WAY!  I really fail this time!  I add my order token and end my turn with no clue of the spy in my midst.

Again I avoided detection and recieve my second token to mark the time until the virus has been uploaded.  I fear soon that I may not escape detection.

Round FOUR

Nothing to do but check for detection.  We decided before the mission that pushing would not be allowed before detection.

First roll is...... a one! :ohmy:
Second roll is..... a one! :blink:

I can't belive I repeated those two rolls again!  Dang!  Well I remove the order token off of my patrol.

Can you belive how lucky that was!  I'm begining to think I might be able to pull this off yet!  I now get my third virus token. :cheer: Although this next turn may be tricky as the patrol gets closer.

Round FIVE

I move my patrol in a straight line towards my third patrol point.  I'm still not below the 6" mark so it is still 5 or 6 I need to roll.  I did better this time rolling a 3 and 2, but not enough to detect the Sylph.  I add an order token to my squad and silently weep. :unsure:

Boy this is going to be easier than I thought.  I bet I could streak right past them and they would not notice (not that I streak or anything :whistle: ) I now have 4 tokens, two to go!

Round SIX

Stuck here doing nothing.  I get my two rolls and surpisingly I fail both with a 2 then a 3. :angry:
I remove my order token.

:woohoo: What a bunch of loosers!  Token 5 and next round is the last one I need!  Then I can pull out and win the game!


I move my blind squad in and make my first roll.  It's a 5! About damn time and none too soon!  I place an order token on the squad of four and bring my two stationary units 6" toward the Sylph!  Not close enough!
He may just pull this off yet.

I can't belive I've been detected!  I run a Nyx up to protect the Sylph and fire two shots at the two Combat Engineers.  I hit and inflict 2 damage on one and 1 point on the other.  I place a marker on the Nyx and give him one heat for the second order.

This is my 6th Virus token and I can move out at my next turn.


I may be able to pull this off yet.  My Combat Engineers (all 6) take a pushing and move in to engage in close combat.  Well thats all I can hope for.

He wishes!  I easily break away and remove both my Sylph and Oni Battle Armor off the board.  Nice try sucker! :silly:

Round NINE

Well I know I've lost now but I will try anyways.  I Wasp and my 3 Salamanders out towards my attackers.  Thats my two commands.  One round left.

I smile as I remove one Nyx and the other Sylph off the board.

Round TEN

The Wasp moves in and takes a shot at the Nyx.  I rool an 11, +9 for my attack and I miss by one.  I knew I should have taken a pilot card.  I click up my heat and wait for defeat.

Ha ha.  House Liao can't see and can't hit either.  Could not even hit my Nyx.  Too bad for him I pulled out the last of my troops.  


I now prepare for the next mission of taking out the Cannon so my Dropship can land on the planet.


Man I could have done a lot better on this one.  I should have taken infantry with greater speed.  Other than that I can't think of what else I could have done other than use loaded dice.

Everything went according to plan and was all perfect!  I rock!<br><br>Post edited by: rob, at: 2007/05/31 01:54
: Re:3 part ladder Campaign
: Highland_Piper May 30, 2007, 11:10:01 AM
Had Attacker Lost they would have gone to this scenario

Extraction: 300 points using SAME army as last mission.

Board size: 1'6" x 3'

Occupy Extraction Zone

Going the long way you must reach the opposite edge of the board with all of your figures before your opponet does.  The opponent (now the Attacker) can use VTOL if they desire.

If Extraction was won then go to

Secure Dropship.  2100 points

Board size: 3'x3'

Secure a Dropship to get off planet.  Take your force and storm a Dropship Port.  Must Occupy Dropship.

Now if the first Extraction was lost then you need to do this mission

ET Phone Home 600 points

Board Size: 2'x2'

Using a Satellite call home for backup and extraction off planet.  Must spend 2 rounds at satellite then leave board by any edge.