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  • Fictional Reality

    We’ve been given permission by the publisher (Mark Theurer [email protected]) to host an archive of the awesome Fictional Reality.

    We’ll be adding the files as quickly as we can.

      Issue 00 - Fictional Reality - June 2000 (2.6 MiB, 3,255 hits)

    Plowsheares to Swords: Firstborn Peasant Militia <br>
    A Dark and Night: A Warzone Battle Report<br>
    Painting your miniatures – starting out<br>
    Night of the Legionnaires: A Warzone Scenario<br>
    Ganymede: Imperial Wolfbane Forces of War<br>
    Chronopia Campaign Conversions<br>
    Game Review: A review VOID, the new game from I-Kore<br>
    Miniature Review: New figs for VOID from I-Kore<br>
    Village Defense: A Chronopia

      Issue 01 - Fictional Reality - September 2000 (3.8 MiB, 2,949 hits)

    Tactical Manual: Crystal Elf tactics in Chronopia
    Game Review: Confrontation
    The Slave Pit: Dark Axe Standard Bearer Conversion for Chronopia
    Battle Report: VOID - Viridian versus Koralon
    Game Review: Carnage
    Terraforming in Miniature: Trench Warfare!
    Ganymede: Imperial Victorian Forces of War
    Miniature Review: VOID: Tactical Androsynths
    Chronopia Campaign Conversions

      Issue 02 - Fictional Reality - December 2000 (4.9 MiB, 3,649 hits)

    Chronopia Army: The Nefertem
    Battle Report: Mecha!
    The Slave Pit: Dwarf Standards
    Battle Report: Confrontation
    Terraforming in Miniature: The Sea Wall
    VOID Fiction: When all else fails
    Miniatures Review: Armorcast
    Chronopia Conversion: Dwarf Dark Tusk Standard
    Game Review: Skullbrawl
    Game Review: Krash

      Issue 03 - Fictional Reality - March 2001 (5.6 MiB, 2,440 hits)

    Miniature Reviews
      Carnage – Benny and the Orb
      Assassin – Hack the Barbarian
      Fading Suns – Known Worlders
      VOID – VASA Knights & Major Kali
    Larry Leadhead
    Battle Report - Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarves vs. Empire
    Fiction: VOID
    Game Reviews
      Close Action
      Cry H.A.V.I.C.
    Slave Pit: Chronopia – Dwarf Wolf Totem
    Battle Report - Confrontation: Griffons vs. Barbarians vs. Goblins

      Issue 04 - Fictional Reality - June 2001 (4.9 MiB, 2,871 hits)

    Battle Report: Confrontation Devout vs. House Helios Elves
    Game Reviews
      Noble Armada
    Larry Leadhead
    New Unit: The T.A.V. for Warhammer 40K
    Standing Orders
    Fiction: VOID
    Miniature Reviews
      Jeff Valent Studios
      Wizards of the Coast
      Cry HAVIC
      eM-4 Miniatures
    Tactical Manual: Gobelins in Confrontation

      Issue 05 - Fictional Reality - September 2001 (6.2 MiB, 2,815 hits)

    Miniature Reviews
      Reaper Miniatures – Conjunctivius
      Wizard’s of the Coast – Beholder
      Steve Jackson Games – Paneuro Set 2
      Excelsior – Swamp Goblins
      eM4 Miniatures – Street Gang
      eM4 Miniatures – Aliens
      Mithril – Lord of the Rings figures
      Mage Knight Metal – Golems
      I-Kore – VASA Bikes
    Larry Leadhead
    Battle Report – Confrontation: Living Dead versus Lions
    Battle Report – Inquisitor: Hell Comes to Mutie Scum-Town
    Game Reviews
      LMW Works - G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.
      Steve Jackson Games - Deluxe Ogre
    Fiction: VOID
    Standing Orders: Battle Cry

      Issue 06 - Fictional Reality - December 2001 (5.4 MiB, 2,656 hits)

    Battle Report: Warzone – Saving Private Miller: Capitol vs. Imperial
    D&D 3E Classes
      The Alchemist
      The Surgeon
    Miniature Reviews
      Wizards of the Coast
      Four-Color Figures
      Steve Jackson Games
    I-Kore Press Release
    Larry Leadhead
    Black and White and Painted all Over
    Standing Orders – Katana & The Road to Osaka
    Battle Report: Inquisitor Imperial Payback
    Game/Product Reviews
      Deluxe G.E.V.
      Nightmares & Dreams
      Heart of Nightfang Spire
      Super System
    Free Stuff
    WOTC D20 Open Game License