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CastleMolds CAD Tuesday 18 June

LDraw parts library for Hirst Arts Castlemolds™.

Multi-Part Dungeon Project

The Multi-Part Dungeon Project contains different LDraw files that can be inserted into LDraw and used to design dungeons. You can move the parts around to create dungeon designs like the one shown below.
These files are .ldr files, so can only be used in LDraw related programs such as MLCAD.
You need the parts that can be found here to use these models.
The dungeon parts can be found below.

1 Inch Dungeon Hallway (1kb)
2 Inch Dungeon Hallway (1kb)
3 Inch Dungeon Hallway (2kb)
6 Inch Dungeon Hallway (3kb)
5x5 Room (3kb)

3x3 Corner Section (2kb)
3x3 T-Junction (2kb)
Dead End Section (1kb)
3x3 Dungeon Entrance (2kb)

Hirst Arts Dungeon Design 1 (14kb)
Hirst Arts Dungeon Design 2 (15kb)

Marxus Tharin's Dungeon Pieces (.ZIP file)

Hirst Arts Dungeon Design 1

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