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CastleMolds CAD Thursday 09 July

LDraw parts library for Hirst Arts Castlemolds™.

CastleMolds CAD is a website dedicated to Hirst Arts blocks that can be used in LDraw related programs, such as MLCAD. These parts can be used to create 3D CAD drawings of things that can be built using the different molds that are available. These include buildings and dungeons.

CastleMolds CAD is also home to the Multi-Part Dungeon (MPD) project, which has a selection of ready-made dungeon parts to help you to design dungeons out of dungeon pieces which you have made.

These programs can be used to produce very complex multipart models, and very simple single part models very easily. Layer-by-layer graphics can be created to give you a step-by-step guide to how to build the structure.

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